So where are those meal plans?

The short answer is, I’ve been YOLOing it.

Last week was a disaster area. Ate everything in sight. Refer to my Instagram or MFP for details, if you dare.

Anyway, this week we went to Costco on Tuesday and bulk bought some chicken and mince, and I grabbed a couple more things at Woolies and Coles, and I have been putting stuff together on the spur of the moment.

So far this seems to be going quite well. I think the lack of ‘having’ to stick to a ‘plan’ is a refreshing change, since the plan has been in place for 6 months now.

I expect I will go back to the plan at the end of this week, since I feel like I could waste a lot more money this way, and also end up in some sticky spots with nothing ready for lunch etc.

But for now its making a good change, and we have eaten a lot more healthily since I stopped feeling so bad about eating stuff that wasn’t on my plan for the week. My brain has always been a bit perverse like that.

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