Oops, almost a month in abeyance

It has been a while since I wrote! I mentioned that I would be trying to yolo my meal plan, and it went OK until Easter. At that point, we confirmed that my partner would be heading overseas, and he completely threw keto to the breeze. I jumped on his baddie train, so for about the past 10 days its been a shocker.

However, he left yesterday and today is my new Day 1. I have made a new meal plan – going from Wednesday to Tuesday now, which will possibly have to change as it doesn’t really fit with paydays and when I like to shop, but it will do for the week!

To add to this, I have to be really, really frugal. Our income is more than halved for the 6 weeks he is away, and I am using this frugal opportunity to stick to keto (mostly) basics. I have a good supply of butter and almond meal, plus I bought 3kg of mince and enough for 6 servings of chicken wings. I am going to add in a few eggy meals too.

My shopping list for the next week is pretty damn small, and I am hoping that I don’t need to get anything extra for me.

Anyway it was interesting to see that I was managing OK to eat keto, but my partner was very much not managing it. He has agreed that when he gets back (early June) he will jump straight back into ketogenic eating, as he noted that he did feel better, and I think he liked the structure and the steady weight loss he experienced. No idea what his eating will be like while he is away, it is all an unknown quantity at the moment – part of the fun of it all, I guess 🙂

Anyway, I will do another post with my meal plan, but this is the shopping list, its basic, and takes into account the items I already have!

Fruit / veg Deli Meat Dairy Grocery Herb spice section
·         Mushrooms

·         Celery








· ·         Sausages ·         Almond milk

·         Cream

·         Cream cheese

·         Eggs

·         Butter spread

·         Cat litter

·         Laundry liquid

·         Electrolyte drinks

·         Moser Roth chocolate

·         Minced garlic


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