It has started!

Went to Coles and did about $230 worth of shopping for my meal plan. This included some basics like olive oil, as we ran out the other day. So annoying, I forgot the 16 slices of bacon required for my meal plan, so had to drop into the butcher on the way home anyway. If I knew I was going there I would have just bought all the meat there!

Never mind.

Today is Friday, so we are starting off with a home made granola plus plain coles brand coconut yoghurt for ‘brunch’, and then will have a chicken ‘enchilada’ salad for tea.

I have bought a variety of zero carb electrolyte drinks to try out, which probably also added to the cost of the shopping. Once we choose one I can buy a slab at costco or something.

But for now I am drinking my orange flavoured G active electrolyte water (eyeroll goes here). And will drink water the rest of the day. Had one instant coffee with a splash of milk in it earlier.

Did I post the meal plan already? Will post this and then check, maybe make a new post.


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