Got keto friendly takeaway

Yesterday afternoon and evening was ridiculous. Instead of spending from 5-6 cooking and eating, I spent from 4.45-8.00pm picking up my partner from work in the city.

On the way home, the children all complained about being hungry. As they hadn’t had any fast food for the past 4 weeks either, we decided to get them a happy meal each.

For us we ordered double quarter pounders with cheese, no bun. No drink or anything. High-ish in calories but fit within my daily limit, and for the whole day I only had about 8 carbs. Winning. Wasn’t hungry afterwards and did not miss the bun one bit.

This week is also a bit stuffed around as my partner is going away overnight for a conference and I hadn’t factored that into the meal plan. Will leave one of my meals for a later date (the ramen) and as I can’t give him the leftover casserole for lunch on Wednesday I will have it for tea on Tuesday instead.

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