Making better choices

What I’m / we’re doing now doesn’t work.

Maybe by writing this down I can get some accountability happening.

Nearly everything needs to change.

Attitude, movement, the junk pit of a house we live in and most important food.

Recent events near me have upped the untenability of my life.

Someone losing their husband. Someone suddenly losing their precious six year old.

I am wasting my life and if I’m not careful I will end up wasting the children’s lives.

I yell too much, I don’t eat well, we live in barely better than filth.

I want to be different, but it’s not enough to want, I have to DO.

Next thing I need to do is start making a meal plan and shopping list. Needs to be SMART goal-y – measurable, achievable.

EASY I need easy steps but something drastic has to change.

I did start taking Wellbutrin (hard to get, had to lie to the doctor, long story) to support me through doing this, but it is on me.

Choose better things, choose not to keep living like crap.

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