So today went terribly

On the positive side – I did a lot of reading. I made a meal plan with recipes and shopping list.

Might not sound like much, but I have been procrastinating this for years. Not exaggerating. I’ve presented my partner with three options and am waiting for his input.

I went shopping and picked up a few experimental goods.

Perhaps it was the meal planning pushing my buttons, but I was an ugly, mean parent this afternoon. I hated it. I really want to do better and not yell, not be mean. It is so hard being ignored and disrespected for 6 hours, but who can blame them? I’m horrible.

It was better when I had music on in the morning, but they co-opted the computer and it was downhill from there.

I suspect we will be shut in with illness yet again tomorrow.

But I will try again. They deserve me trying.

I need to make a GP appointment for more blood pressure medicine. I don’t wanna.

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