Next thing I have to do

Is really make a list of the reasons why I am doing all of this. I need to have it in writing, tangible, get this amorphous dreaminess out of my head.

Motivational speakers will talk about the importance of visualising, and I need to know what it is that I am supposed to visualise if that makes sense.

The other thing is I need the input from my partner. If he gives none, I am going to go with just my meal plan and he can suck it up.

Tonight I am going to cook one of the food items on that list.

The other thing I need is a list, very approximate, of all the things I ‘should be’ doing each day. Perhaps I should put it into Habitica again so I can feel like I get something for ticking things off the list each day? It needs to have the real basics on it I think. If I ever put that together,  I will post it here.

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