‘Self care’ led to gorging

I’ve been doing lots of things that most people would probably consider basic bodily maintenance, like the podiatrist.

Today was the optometrist. I have always had glasses but haven’t had new ones in five years. The ones I do have were a $7 zenni pair – I bought 3 but my favourite green ones vanished, these are red.

So today my script was done. It’s worse, apparently, but I don’t really need reading glasses yet. Just distance.

Picked out two new frames which are completely covered by health insurance – some blue metal frames and lilac plastic ones. Also for my script written out so I can grab some more cheapies.

However, the experience took way too long and pressed my buttons. I came home and shoveled crackers, cheese and liverwurst into my mouth. Should fit macros but it wasn’t good to eat my feelings.

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