A bit wobbly

It was our son’s birthday on Sunday, and we ate a piece of his birthday cake. This was done on purpose. It worked out around 40 carbs just for the cake, and we ate things like salad, sausages and an almond milk latte, so definitely over carbs for the day.

The next day was REALLY hard. I don’t know if its because it was my first appointment with a personal trainer at the gym, where I was weighed and measured, and failed to have blood pressure checked because of my fat arm.

Maybe it was the fact I thought I could catch a train into and home from the city to watch a movie. LOL. There is a reason I couldn’t do it for work. I ended up in tears on the platform. Fun times.

I was also more hungry than usual yesterday. I very nearly didn’t cook and was going to tell my partner to just have whatever for tea. He would have ordered pizza which would have been a terrible idea.

But I didn’t. I came downstairs, tidied the kitchen and cooked us some food.

Today has been better. I was still hungry this morning though.

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