Chugging along, Day 12

Still here! Still sticking to everything very obediently.

Last night my partner expressed the urge for a ‘cheat meal’ or junk food or something, anything. I explained he couldn’t have a ‘cheat meal’. He knows, he knows that you need to stay in ketosis etc. I have told him that he can have whatever he likes on Friday for lunch. I won’t be there to see it, but I have reminded him no pasta, no rice, no potatoes and hopefully he can find something in the cafeteria that is vaguely low-carb.

I am actually quite surprised that I am making it through. Have been cooking everything, cleaning up kitchen etc.

I can’t notice any improvement at the moment. People on reddit r/keto advised that weighing myself really isn’t necessary at this stage. I am going to put my trust in the whole process. If I can’t notice any difference in another couple of weeks though I might start doing selfies or measuring something neutral like my arm.

At the moment I am having coffee with a bit of cream in the morning, then a small lunch meal, snacks and main meal all within a 6-8 hour window. I don’t think I would manage without the coffee, but maybe that is something I can work towards. I tried black coffee and it was a no from me.

Have already worked out meal plan for next week, so will post that next.

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