Two goals

So, I’m working on a couple of goals in making these better choices.

First, may have mentioned, we have to go to the theatre at the end of February 2019, as my partner bought me tickets for my birthday. It is an old theatre, and I was immediately worried I wouldn’t fit in the seats.

So my first goal is to know that I’ve done all I can to work towards fitting in that seat when we go to the theatre in February.

It will be 4.5 months since we began on 12 October. I sincerely hope I will have been able to notice some changes in my body by then.

The second goal is that I am planning a road trip in September 2019. It will be a 16 day round trip Melbourne to Perth with the three children.

I don’t want to go on such a long road trip without knowing that I can walk through parks and scenic footpaths etc keeping up with three very active children. We will also meet with friends and family over there, and I want them to see a version of me that represents the better choices I am making now and not my previous ones.

The road trip will start at 11.5 months into this process. With any luck I will be feeling a lot more mobile and energetic.

A third possibility is that we may need to fly to Canberra in July next year. I am currently terrified of flying in case I can’t fit in a seat, even though I would have the children next to me so wouldn’t need to worry about squashing a stranger. But not being able to use the seatbelt gives me palpitations. Not sure if a flight will be required at this stage, but it’s certainly a possibility.

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