I need to get adequate sleep

I have not enough sleep the past two days, and the yelling from me was correspondingly increased.

Sunday night I could not sleep because a) I had an almond milk latte on the way home, and b) I was all fired up over my plans to join a gym. I had the whole essay to the gym owner prepared and everything. Couldn’t shut my brain up. I was also planning my road trip. Anyway, the bottom line was that only got about 4 hours sleep at the most.

Then last night, Monday night, I was at the hospital with a child until 4am. Probably slept 5-6am, then 6-7.15am and was awake after that.

My brain hasn’t worked today, and my capacity to keep my temper evaporated at 7.40pm. Not proud of my behaviour.

But I do have a post about gym joining coming up hopefully.

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